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Peas with Brussels Sprouts and Tahini sauce

Category | Legumes


450g Peas

450g Brussels Sprouts

2 medium Potatoes

2 onions & 2 garlics, finely chopped

2 Red Peppers

Salt & Pepper


For the Tahini Sauce

1tbsp of mustard
2tbsp Tahini (SILVERLEAF) http://www.silver-leaf.gr
Juice from 2 lemons 
Olive oil (NIKOLAOUFAMILY) https://www.nikolaoufamily.gr/
Add all the ingredients into the clay pot, pour the tahini sauce and sprinkle with salt, pepper. Put the food in the oven and bake at 220 degrees for 40-45 minutes
Sauce Tahini: add the ingredients to a blender and beat them
Bon Appetit...

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