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Tahini Soup

Category | Soups

200gr.  orzo whole grain
2 potatoes in cubes
2 chopped carrots 
1 onion finely chopped
1/4 Celeriac- turnip rooted celery
1 zucchini
3 tbsp of tahini
Juice of 2 lemons
1 handful of celery finely chopped
Salt, pepper, turmeric


Cut, clean and wash all vegetables and boil them with orzo in a pot with warm water until they are softened and can be pulped. In a bowl, put the tahini with lemon juice and a little broth from the soup and stir until the tahini is diluted. Then add the pulp of vegetables again with the lemon-tahini mixture and continue mixing. Finally put the salt with pepper, turmeric and celery. Serve warm the soup.


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