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GreenandGreek was created to help and inspire people to care for themselves and the planet and to see all the animals from a different view. Believe that the consumption of a biological, whole grain products based on vegetable foods can lead to vitality, longevity, inner peace and general wellness. Similarly, adapting an ecological lifestyle can lead to an appreciation for the planet, the connection with other people and nature and a sense of contribution that will affect future generations.


At GreenandGreek you will learn how you can easily prepare delicious and nutritious vegetable foods and make environmentally-friendly lifestyle decisions every day. The main objective is to try to develop vegan recipes that appeal to everyone with different flavours and colors based on their Greek version and the products of Greece mainly.


Here you will discover restaurants across the country that is either Vegan or Vegan-friendly. There will also be a detailed list of doctors-nutritionists who support and are available for follow-up for anyone wishing to follow Veganism. In addition there will be environmental actions with the participation of all, where we will be communicated through the social media on our website.


I hope that you will find GreenandGreek a welcoming and encouraging place through which you will have a two-way relationship with all the readers asking for our advice, giving us tips and new ideas for creation, enjoyment and wellness.

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