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Raw energy bars with dried Aronia berries

Category | Sweets / Desserts


225 gr. couverture chocolate

3 tbsp dried aronia berries

3 tea cups of oats

½ tea cup of coarsely chopped almonds

½ tea cup of coconut oil



Melt the couverture in bain-marie and then pour it into a bowl. In another bowl add the 3 cups of oats with the dried aronia and the coarsely chopped almonds and mix with spoon until a sticky mixture is formed.

Then transfer the mixture from the bowl with the oats, aronia and almonds to the bowl with the melted chocolate, adding the coconut oil that firstly have melted in bain-marie and mix them all together to become a homogeneous mixture.

Finally, place the mixture on a baking parchment paper and in a small oven tray and put it on the fridge to freeze.

Kept in the fridge.




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